Who Am I?

My name is Shee. And there isn’t that much to say about me.
Sometimes I’m a poet. But my rhymes don’t always flow with it.
So I also write fiction. Because it causes me less friction.
Except when I get writers block. Which is when I just kick back and take stock.

shmeeNow how many personal blogs give you a nice poetic introduction. What do you mean it’s not ‘nice’! That took me all of 2 minutes to come up with. So demanding…

So here’s my first blog. It will probably go the way of so many thousands of other first blogs – a burst of enthusiasm for a few posts, followed by total apathy and then a new post in a couple of years starting with ‘sorry, I haven’t blogged in a while’ 😉

But here you are likely to find all manner of topics, from poetry (oh, you got some already!), to stuff about games – I happen to like old fashioned strategy board games and football. Or if I win the lottery this weekend then you probably won’t even see the 1st post on this site as I’ll be off travelling the world and won’t be spending every waking moment looking for wi-fi access.

Ciao for now,